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The Game

Legends of Dawn is an upcoming action and adventure RPG from Dreamatrix Game Studios. It was crowd-funded through Kickstarter and is still in development. Discover the world of Narr as you leave the relative safety of your home in Korden's Fall to follow your foster father, battle monsters and discover the secrets of the Legend of Dawn.

The Races

Choose from five different races.

The Gods

The Legend

The races of Narr share a tendency for stirring up trouble for themselves. They destroy what should be treasured and find themselves constantly on the verge of obliteration. Then they cry out for salvation; beg the gods to save them and promise to do better, be better. Once, the trinity of the gods listened. They gave the five races the keystone for the realisation of their great desire. The perfect gift to usher in the new era of harmony and mark the triumph of light over darkness. They gave mortals the Dawn.

The Dawn is a complex physical representation of the supernatural, comprising many pieces of various materials, that collectively harmonise the world. The purest essence of the divine remained within its depths and for the brief span of a millennium, peace and harmony reigned. The mortals got to enjoy a world where all resources were enough for everyone and reasons for dissatisfaction did not exist. The races grew wealthy and advanced at the same pace. But there was a catch. To preserve the divine gift and maintain eternal harmony, mortals had the responsibility of periodically opening the Dawn to the stars, in order for the elements within it to synchronise with the celestial bodies. They were warned that failure to to perform this task, would cause the harmonising effect to weaken over time.


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